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Plantacote® sets new standards in controlled release Plant Nutrition. This is valid for the concentrated nutrient composition, for the safe and adapted nutrient release as well as for the coating technology which ensures optimum crop safety.

Plantacote® controlled release Plant Nutrition enables you to adjust the nutrient supply to the specific demands of your crops. You have the choice between different longevities (2-16 months) and between products with and without a starter effect. These options allow you to adapt your fertilization to the local and seasonal climatic conditions.

Plantacote® is highly efficient in nutrient utilization. Besides this economical aspect Plantacote® is environmentally friendly due to prevention of leaching, volatilization and fixation of nutrients in the soils as well as the degradation of the coating by microorganisms after complete nutrient release. The unique coating technology and quality standards make Plantacote® very reliable for growing high-quality plants.

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