Plantacote® Supra

Plantacote® Supra is a partially-coated product line containing the high-quality Plantacote® as coated component. In all formulations the nitrogen (ammoniacal-N, nitric-N, urea-N) is completely coated. The coating level of the nutrients varies between the different products.

Beside the existing standard formulations (see below) Plantacote® Supra is available with different NPK ratios, magnesium and trace elements according to the crop’s requirement. The nutrients for the coated part are released as needed over the specified longevity (defined for 20-21˚C).

Depending on the formulations and longevity Plantacote® Supra is suited for open-field application, fertilization of plantations (i.e. oil palms, forestry) and arable crops.


Standard formulation *

Plantacote® Supra N 18-8-9 (2)

Plantacote® Supra P 14-25-6 (0.02 B)

Plantacote® Supra K 11-11-24

More Plantacote® Supra formulations available on request.

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